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26 January 2015

It's pruning time


In the vineyards of Tenute Orestiadi, winter has now arrived, the leaves have fallen and the plants are ready for the annual pruning. All phases are carried out exclusively by hand, like most other cultivation operations (tying, green management, thinning and leaf removal). The selection of buds and shoots represents a fundamental and delicate step in allowing the plant to obtain the right amount of bunches, in order to obtain high quality grapes. The system adopted in the company is Simple Guyot the principle of which is to obtain the fruiting head, from which the fruiting shoots will develop, and the spur, from which two or three shoots will develop from which, in the subsequent pruning, the new fruiting head will be selected.

The Guyot is made up of three phases/cuts which by convention are called:

  • past: what was left on the plant in the past year.
  • present: the set of vegetation on which pruning must be carried out.
  • future: that is, what, in current conditions, we intend to leave for the coming year.


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