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09 July 2019

Il Vigneto del Mediterraneo announced on the stage of the Scirocco Wine Fest


It will be called “Mediterranean vineyard” and will be composed of different types of a single cultivar, Moscato, coming from different areas of the Mediterranean: each row a different country which, in the name of Ludovico Corrao and in continuity with his work, he wants to send a message of meeting, dialogue and sharing between the peoples of the Mediterranean. The vineyard will be donated by the group Ermes Cellars - Tenute Orestiadi to the city of Gibellina and will rise near the Botanical Garden: there are around 500 different plants for a green area of 1,800 m2 in the heart of the city. The installation that stood out at the Sistema delle Piazze during the days of the Scirocco wine fest will also be placed here, depicting the logo of the event: three glasses of different colors that intersect with each other.

This is what he announced Rosario Di Maria, president of the Cantine Ermes – Tenute Orestiadi group, on the occasion of the final evening of the third edition of Scirocco wine fest, the review which for four days animated the city of Gibellina with tastings of wines and gastronomic specialties from 7 Mediterranean countries (France, Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and Malta), masterclasses, cooking challenges, cooking shows, but also shows and cultural meetings under the banner of the art and culture of wine. The event was promoted by Cantine Ermes - Tenute Orestiadi group, one of the most representative realities among Sicilian wine companies in collaboration with the Palermo communication agency Feedback.

“Through the Sirocco wind and the wine of seven Mediterranean countries – he said Rosario Di Maria on the stage of the event – we want to launch, from Gibellina, a bridge over the Mare Nostrum to create dialogue, openness and exchange. We are satisfied with this project which, once again, celebrated wine as a unifying force and symbol of intercultural dialogue".



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