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17 October 2017

Pax Mentis arrives, a wine born to be great


What happens when four natural elements meet in the magical land of Sicily, each making its unique contribution, its peculiar characteristic?

Pax Mentis is born, a Syrah made from slightly dried grapes, which evokes that distant island, complete and full, intriguing and varied, colorful and cheerful. A wine that, on its first release, obtains the Gold Medal at the international Mundus Vini competition.

Thanks to the Earth, guardian of the plant's nourishment which draws the lifeblood from it to develop healthy and luxuriant, the grapes grow best on the fertile black clay soils of the Belìce Valley.

With Fire, in a land where the sun marks the slow passing of the days, caressing the best bunches and giving life to the slow drying process. Indispensable for keeping the bunch intact and turgid during the ripening phase.

Through the Water which, like a mother who accompanies her child during his growth and then lets him go to his future, slowly evaporates allowing the floral bouquet to fully express itself.

Together with Air, a faithful travel companion, in Sicily, which leads to the discovery of the sounds and scents of a unique land. By means of controlled breezes, in the silence of the fruit cellar, the wonderful process of drying the grapes is concluded.

Elements that give life to an intense red wine with bright and complex purple hues.

Its impenetrable appearance opens up olfactory to a miscellany of notes of freshly picked sweet red fruits, plum, cherry in alcohol and vanilla. In the mouth it is austere but at the same time offers an intriguingly fragrant finish. Its elegance is also due to the 12 months of aging in wood, during which it rises to fully express its characteristics of complexity and pleasantness.

Technical data:

Varietal: Syrah
Name: Protected Geographical Indication
Alcohol by volume: 15 %
Training system: Double Guyot
Production area: Valle del Belìce – Gibellina
Soils: black clayey earth, rich in organic substances
Aging: 12 months in French oak barriques



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