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12 December 2017

Christmas Notes: fundraising for the World Food Programme


The World Food Programme (WFP), the largest United Nations organization fighting hunger in the world, has been responding to the humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh since 25 August 2017 by providing food to people arriving in Cox's Bazar following the outbreak of violence in northern Rakhine State, in Myanmar. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape the violence. By February 2018 WFP must achieve 1 million people.

Tenute Orestiadi wants to do its part, recognizing, as a company and as people, the nobility of this cause.

For this reason it has chosen to organize an event to support this project: raising funds for the humanitarian emergency in Bangladesh, through an institution that has always been responsible for feeding the most vulnerable, guaranteeing the most ancestral of human rights. linked to man and his very survival.

If doing good is a joy, a shared joy is certainly worth more, so we invite everyone to participate in the Note di Natale concert, on Sax Solum Quartet, which will take place on Tuesday 26 December from 6.30 pm at the Mother Church of Gibellina. A splendid opportunity to enjoy good music in the evocative setting offered by Quaroni's architectural work.

Tenute Orestiadi undertakes to donate all donations to the World Food Programme.

To find out more about the emergency in Bangladesh and/or make an online donation:
World Food Program Italy - how to donate.

WFP does not endorse any products or services.



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