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25 June 2020

Tenute Orestiadi - Cantine Ermes donates 30,000 bottles to the Food Bank


Donate to Food Bank of Western Sicily 30,000 bottles of wine belonging to various brands of the group Cantine Ermes – Tenute Orestiadi.

The choice comes at a time when Sicilian families, already tried by more than two months of closure of production activities, are slowly starting to deal with a new normality."A gesture that can be of comfort and a good omen for starting again” he defined it Rosario Di Maria, President of the wine group.

In a period of great difficulty for everyone" continues "those who have the means to lend a hand to the community have the ethical responsibility to do so. We put into play what we have, what we know best and love most: wine. 30,000 bottles can cheer up a meal for as many families, accompanying moments of conviviality. Our very nature and our cooperative heart lead us to act in support of those who need it most”.

Cantine Ermes is in fact one agricultural cooperative society with over 2,350 members in three regions of Italy but with headquarters in Sicily, in the Belìce Valley. It was born there in 1998 and in twenty years it has become one of the largest cooperatives in Southern Italy, becoming an emblem of entrepreneurial rebirth in an area that has made the ability to get back up after difficulties its strong point.

Tenute Orestiadi was born in 2008 with an eye towards the Ho.Re.Ca sector, but with the same soul as Cantine Ermes.

Although the entire Company, like others in the sector and beyond, is experiencing a temporary slowdown, the directors are strongly aware that it is time to give a strong signal, which helps the community to move forward with optimism and proactivity.

Solidarity activities of various kinds have been carried out without fanfare by the Company and its individual members since the beginning of the pandemic" concludes Di Maria “an obvious gesture like delivering 30 pallets of wine also wants to bring attention to the issue of food donations, which after an initial phase has undergone a slight decline: we are not out of the emergency yet, but together we can do it”.



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