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05 September 2019

Tenute Orestiadi Official Wine of the Cous Cous Fest of San Vito Lo Capo


For the third consecutive year, Tenute Orestiadi confirms itself as the Official Wine Sponsor of the CousCousFest, an event that will take place in San Vito Lo Capo from 20 to 29 September 2019.

In 2017, the choice to start a collaboration was dictated by having recognized in the values of the event - which, through good food, manages to involve the public in a whirlwind of cultures, integration and dialogue - those that have always been its own guidelines.

Recognition that has transformed over time into full awareness, which is strengthened year by year, so much so as to reconfirm for 2018 and 2019 also the decision to actively participate in the famous moment which for 22 years now has marked the conclusion of the San Vito summer.

“The continuous mix between different cultures in all their nuances, the awareness that only from the meeting can authentic growth derive, have become fundamental traits of the identity of Gibellina first and of Tenute Orestiadi then” declares Rosario Di Maria, President of the Cantine Ermes – Tenute Orestiadi group “In light of these premises, it becomes easy to understand how it was almost natural for us to see CousCousFest as a more than valid expression of the values that we recognize as ours and carry forward through numerous company activities”.

Tenute Orestiadi, in fact, was born in 2008 as an integral part of a much larger reality, Cantine Ermes, a social cooperative that has over 2,300 winemakers and was immediately linked to the Orestiadi Foundation, one of the main cultural and artistic institutions in the Mediterranean, of which bears the name: the meeting between two worlds apparently so different from each other embodies the deepest and fullest expression of a territory: Gibellina. The company acts as spokesperson for its city, the En Plein Air Museum of Contemporary Art, with numerous initiatives linked to the world of wine and that of art.

Among the numerous activities in this sense, the Scirocco Wine Fest stands out, an event linked to the cultures of the Mediterranean through wine, created by the winery in collaboration with Feedback, the agency that organizes the CousCousFest, further confirmation that the partnership between the two realities is always more solid and focuses on multiple fronts.



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