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05 August 2019

Goblets of Stars at the Royal Bourbon Cellar of Partinico


The first collective Calici di Stelle in Western Sicily will be held at the Real Cantina Borbonica in Partinico, an event which Tenute Orestiadi enthusiastically joined from the first moment.

On Saturday 10 August 2019 starting from 9.00 pm the splendid construction commissioned by Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies, will come to life thanks to the presence of more than thirty wineries who will create Goblets of Stars together, sharing tastings, news and stories with enthusiasts and curious people. But not only that: the summer event which sees hundreds of wineries participating in the Wine Tourism Movement and Città del Vino active throughout Italy is enriched with gastronomic and cultural moments.

A cooking show by chef Gioacchino Di Franco will delight the eyes and palates, the puppet show by Maestro Garifo will entertain audiences of all ages, two masterclasses conducted by Luigi Salvo, AIS Palermo delegate, will make the evening unique!

It will also be possible to visit the Royal Bourbon Cellar in all its splendor and view the collection of Pupi by Nino Canino, a UNESCO heritage site.

It will be possible to taste various labels ranging from the West to the East of Sicily, but also wines from other regions, thanks to the collaboration with Macaione Representatives. Furthermore, you will be able to taste numerous local food products, prepared by the Delle Scale dairy company, the Piero Garifo artisan butcher's shop and the La Baronia agricultural company.

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