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05 July 2018

Great success for the Scirocco Wine Fest: over 30 thousand participants


It closed in Gibellina with a budget of approximately 30 thousand visitors the second edition of Scirocco wine fest, the exhibition that compares Mediterranean countries through wine. The town of Valle del Belice was the stage for the event - promoted by the group Cantine Ermes - Tenute Orestiadi in collaboration with theagency Feedback of Palermo – which combined the Mediterranean soul, art, wine culture and entertainment. Partner of the event, included in the broader program of Destination Gibellina, the Orestiadi Foundation and the Municipality of Gibellina.

The program of the event hosted tastings of wines and Mediterranean gastronomic specialities, master classes, cooking challenges, cooking shows, but also cultural meetings with great Italian writers, tours to discover the area, free shows and concerts featuring performances Ernesto Maria Ponte, The ShakalabMario Venuti And Sasa Salvaggio.

Guest of the event was also the Sicily Web Festival, the Italian festival dedicated to digital series with 101 works in competition from 19 countries and the Saturn Award - Drills that produce.

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