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Our identity

A continuous path

This is where the story of the Tenute Orestiadi starts, born in 2008 in the heart of the Belìce Valley, in Gibellina, Sicily, where Mediterranean scents and colors intertwine with myth and art. By transforming the arduous rise after a historically and economically complex moment, the 1968 earthquake, into energy, the whole area has become a cultural and dialogue pole of the Mediterranean.

Mother Church of Gibellina Nuova by Ludovico Quaroni

Gibellina, an open-air museum dreamed up by Ludovico Corrao in the aftermath of the Belìce earthquake in 1968. A project, created with the contribution of the most important exponents of contemporary art, with which Tenute Orestiadi intertwines its history and its wine production.

The cellars

Two different territories, the same vocation for wine. Gibellina hosts the beating heart of Tenute Orestiadi, and Piedimonte Etneo, in the county of Mascali, where La Gelsomina is located.

A good wine is
a sustainable wine

The accolades
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