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Tenute Orestiadi

The company

Tenute Orestiadi has an ancient name that evokes distant myths and legends which, precisely in the lands of the Belìce Valley, found life thanks to Aeschylus, who two thousand five hundred years ago wrote and staged the myth of Orestes and the Orestiadi.

A story of strength, proactive pride 
and passion.

This is where the story of the Tenute Orestiadi starts, founded in 2008 in the heart of the Belìce Valley, in Gibellina, Sicily, where Mediterranean scents and colors intertwine with myth and art. By transforming the arduous ascent after a historically and economically complex moment, the 1968 earthquake, into energy, the whole has become a cultural and dialogue center for the Mediterranean area.

Passion for wine
and art together

The close relationship between agriculture and art becomes the identity trait of the company. The perfect combination of love for the territory and passion for the culture of our land gives birth to a reality of excellence, in which each product reflects our values.

Discover the cellar

We are people, then company


Our mission is to produce high quality wines that reflect the authenticity and uniqueness of the Sicilian territory. The main aim of Tenute Orestiadi is to enhance the characteristics and peculiarities of the autochthonous grape varieties, using cultivation and vinification techniques that respect the environment and local tradition. We also aim to promote the socio-economic development of the area, supporting local communities through cultural and tourist enhancement projects.

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