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Artistic vocation

The art in the barrel cellar

In the muffled silence of the barrel room, immersed in the suspended time of the slow evolution of wine, contemporary art finds a new temple. In this place an unprecedented project comes to life: the Barriques Museum. 

Artists who 
leave their mark

Permanent contemporary art museum in an active barrique cellar, a daily stage where the formality and linearity of a museum blend with the simplicity and rituality of wine.
The same walls periodically welcome masters of aesthetic pathos in residence, becoming a source of inspiration, transforming the abstract conception of feelings and emotions into something reproducible, as only Art can do. 

A project realized in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Discover the museum

Orestiadi Foundation

The sign, letter of an ideal alphabet capable of uniting the peoples and bringing the cultures of the Mediterranean closer together, introduces the traveler to the discovery of the history of Gibellina .
Starting from shared symbols, from a unanimous feeling and perception, from an encounter between different souls, that exchange, that dialogue, that enthusiasm and that curiosity are intensified which become a thirst to know and grow, to create and build together, the quintessence of the city identity .

The foundation

Our Projects


a museum under the sky

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an open-air museum

System of squares by Franco Purini and Laura Thermes
Over 67 works, distributed throughout the urban fabric, created by some of the greatest Italian and international artists and architects, such as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Francesco Venezia and many others. Among the most famous works, the "Grande Cretto" by Alberto Burri, the large land art work created to commemorate the earthquake that destroyed the city of Gibellina, and "The entrance to the Belìce" by Pietro Consagra, an imposing metal structure which represents the gateway to the territory.
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of Tenute Orestiadi
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