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May 16, 2023

Cantine Aperte: art and wine in Gibellina


Come back again this year Open Cellars, the event conceived and promoted by Wine Tourism Movement on the last Sunday of May which aims to bring all wine enthusiasts to the cellar, with tastings and food pairings. Every year the longest-running wine tourism event, now in its thirtieth edition, attracts thousands of visitors, filling cellars throughout Italy in an atmosphere of celebration, conviviality and love for the civilization of the vine and wine. In Gibellina this festival also has an artistic and cultural nuance thanks to the long-term partnership of Tenute Orestiadi with the Orestiadi Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Gibellina.

Tenute Orestiadi: tastings in the cellar

The appointment is for Sunday 28 May 2023. Wine tourists will be welcomed in our Gibellina cellar, where they will be able to taste our labels accompanied by gastronomic specialties selected ad hoc.
The entrance ticket cost of 25 € includes the tasting of 5 wines: the Contemporanei Organic Nero d'Avola, the Contemporaries organic cricket, the sparkling wine Pizzicanti, There Catarratto selection And There Perricone selection accompanied by some local gastronomic specialties: a selection of cheeses, sandwiches stuffed with mortadella, pairs of frying mixed and busiate alla norma revisited with datterino tomato sauce, potatoes, aubergines and salted ricotta.
For those wishing to add other Tenute Orestiadi wines to the tasting book, they can do so with a surcharge of 3 euros per additional glass.
Children under 4 enter for free.

Gibellina: culture and territory

Art and wine in Gibellina are the identity of a community that opens up to the world and looks to the future. This is the message that Tenute Orestiadi intends to affirm by proposing a visit itinerary which involves the two major institutions of Gibellina, with their treasures collected over decades of passionate work by artists and intellectuals from all over the world. By participating in the Open Cellars of Tenute Orestiadi, visitors will be able to access the Orestiadi Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art with a reduced admission for the occasion (1 Euro at the Orestiadi Foundation and 4 Euro at the MAC), during the opening hours of the Museums. The BAMUG will also be open for the entire duration of the event, Barriques Museum, created with the patronage of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and placed in the barrel cellar of the cellar.
A day of celebration with wine, food, art but also music, with the enthralling joy of the 4Kantus in concert.

“Gibellina is increasingly one callback destination, founded on its resources, old and new, and on the values of our community – he explains Alexander Parisi, Head of Marketing and Communication of Tenute Orestiadi -. An urban space connected to contemporary art, revitalized and promoted by the good synergy that links our company, since its inception, to the Orestiadi Foundation and the City of Gibellina with its cultural institutions, finding in the wine production system a fundamental player, not just for the local economy, but for the maintenance and enhancement of a large deposit of art and culture of the twentieth century, and I would say also moral, for the prospective value that Ludovico Corrao was able to build in this strip of land devastated by the earthquake of '68. That vision today produces value, admiration, culture and Cantine Aperte constitutes for Tenute Orestiadi a essential appointment and awaited by everyone, not just wine lovers”.
“Our wines are the ambassadors of a territory and of a community that has deep roots in the history of hilly viticulture and in the full sun. Soils, climates, vines combine to define its enological identity and the quality achieved and increasingly recognized and appreciated. Our commitment, today, is to make Gibellina a destination that manages to express its full potential on the combination of wine and art, with eyes turned to the future and to the new generations - underlines Rosario Di Maria, who has always been at the helm of Tenute Orestiadi - This territory is an unmissable destination of that Journey to Sicily able to enrich the soul and to live a unique experience of its kind”.

So let's wait for Sunday 28 May to experience this wonderful festival dedicated to art and wine together.

For info and reservations: enoturismo@tenuteorestiadi.it



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