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08 May 2017

Open Cellars in Gibellina


An event now known to the world of wine and now in its twenty-fifth edition, Cantine Aperte, takes on a new form in Gibellina: the cellar in fact opens up to the city, not limiting the event to its walls, although rich in smells, flavors and colours, but sharing with its visitors the open air Museum in which it is immersed. It will therefore be possible, starting from the Orestiadi Estates, to visit the Barriques Museum, the first museum of contemporary art in an active barrique cellar, the Orestiadi Foundation with its unique works of art in the world, cross the city following pedestrian routes, on foot or by car , designed specifically for the curious and passionate.

All this without losing sight of the starting point: a day of conviviality, dedicated to good food and above all good wine, to be spent happily, listening to good live music and, why not, trying your hand at games designed to entertain children and adults.

For info and reservations +39 3491540589 or enoturismo@tenuteorestiadi.it



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