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Wine Experiences

From East to West:
a Sicily to discover

Travel with us to discover the Sicilian wine tradition. Let yourself be transported to a world where every glass tells a story and every visit is an unforgettable experience.

Experience La Gelsomina

Experience Tenute Orestiadi

Tenute Orestiadi

In a corner of Sicily where viticulture meets art until it merges with it, Gibellina, Tenute Orestiadi was born in 2008.

A journey through completely different terroirs, with rich and varied characteristics, which tell of the sun and the sweet Sicilian breezes, with a common denominator: the ability to enhance the native varietals.
Viale Santa Ninfa snc, 91024, Gibellina (TP)
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La Gelsomina

Among the lanes of Presa, a small hamlet where the inhabitants shed the clothes of fellow citizens and become almost a tribe, was born

La Gelsomina, a small jewel located on the edge of the Santa Venera stream, where Piedimonte Etneo gives way to the County of Mascali.

On lava and clayey soil, walking day after day on the "gghiara", as the Etna people pronounce it, 15 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and orchards are cultivated, which take the form of a theatre, as if to invite anyone who crosses the gate to enjoy the immense spectacle that is Nature, which is repeated and renewed every day.
Piedimonte Etneo (CT)
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