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Nerello Mascalese

Terre Siciliane IGP

Fragrance, freshness. A 100% Nerello Mascalese, son of the vineyards cultivated on the red soils of Western Sicily, rich in sand and skeleton. The grapes are harvested when fully phenolic ripe (first ten days of September) and left to macerate at a controlled temperature for about two weeks, in order to bring the right tonality and aromatic richness. After fermentation, the wine ages first in steel and then in wood for 2/4 months. The Nerello Mascalese of Tenute Orestiadi releases intense aromas of small red fruits and hints of licorice and spices on the nose. On the palate it is soft, harmonious and with a good structure.


Red tending to garnet


The nose reveals intense aromas, with hints of wild berries and delicate spicy notes


Elegant, with good structure and excellent harmony


Aging in steel, it completes the maturation process in wood for 2-4 months before being bottled


Red Bordeaux

Service temperature



It goes well with first courses such as bucatini all'amatriciana, busiate alla trapanese. Also good with long-aged cheeses.

Terre Siciliane IGP

Red earth 100-300 meters a.s.l.

In south-western Sicily, where the color of the earth evokes the typical shades of red of the soils golden by the sun on the Mediterranean, we find this type of soil, rich in sand and skeleton (stones). With a very loose composition and full of ferrous micro elements, in the Belìce Valley it is characterized by a dry microclimate perfect for the cultivation of red grape varietals. It is the land of choice for Perricone, which has its origins in this area: in fact, another name of the cultivar is Pignatello, precisely in relation to the "pignate", a Sicilian term that indicates pots made with the same red earth on which the varietal yields its maximum expressions.
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