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La Gelsomina

Etna Bianco

DOC Etna

Identity, strength. From the skilful vinification of the Carricante and Catarratto vines, grown at over 500 meters above sea level on the volcanic-clayey soils of La Gelsomina, a bold white of rare elegance is born; a symbol of a strongly characterizing heroic viticulture. A unique terroir, with cold winters and high temperature variations between day and night, where the activity of the "Grande Muntagna" has been able to mark the rhythms of time. The Etna Bianco of Tenute Orestiadi is characterized by an aromatic set of citrus fruits and spices, with floral sensations of broom and jasmine that refine the structure. The sip, rich in savory and mineral tenacity, fades into a slightly almond finish, giving balance and persistence.


Straw yellow with light golden reflections


Intense, elegant and complex. There are hints of white pulp fruit and jasmine broom flowers, enriched by light citrus notes.


Pleasant and harmonious.


Aging for 4 months in steel and at least 4 months in the bottle.



Service temperature



Excellent as an aperitif, but also throughout the meal. It goes well with first and second courses based on fish and shellfish (sushi, couscous). Pleasant in combination with typical Etna cheeses.

DOC Etna

Volcanic earth 530 meters a.s.l.

The soil of Etna is both lava and clay, made up of the "gghiara", as the Etna people pronounce it, and the result of numerous eruptions that have occurred over the centuries, leaving dust to settle on the fields and magma to crystallize. This has made it a place with absolutely unique mineral characteristics, where, at 550 meters a.s.l., native varietals of the volcano are grown, such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Moscato dell'Etna.
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