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Terre Siciliane IGP

Zibibbo “Pacènzia” is born from the resistant and noble black earth of the Trapani hinterland. Late harvest, son of tradition and love for a territory where the warm sun and the slow passage of time mark the rhythms of life. The grapes, which naturally wither on the vine, are left to cold macerate and subsequently fermented in thermoregulated tanks: this rigid control offers the wine the possibility of developing an unforgettable aroma and body. The bouquet of Tenute Orestiadi's sweet Zibibbo is characterized by hints of candied citrus fruits and honey, accompanied by notes of ripe fruit. On the palate it is a riot of sweetness but not cloying, which goes well with a soft and silky body.



Intense golden yellow


Elegant and intense. Distinctly marked hints of candied citrus fruits, ripe fruit and honey are perceived.


Enveloping, soft, moderately sweet.


The grapes undergo a natural drying process in the vineyard, with subsequent destemming and cold maceration and thermoregulated fermentation. This is followed by a natural arrest of the fermentation through the cold.


Small tulip

Service temperature



It goes well with both medium-aged blue cheeses, dry pastries and fruit-based desserts

Terre Siciliane IGP

Clayey Black Earth 70-100 meters a.s.l.

This type of soil is found on the gentle hills of the Trapani hinterland, rich in silty-clayey substances, compact and resistant to drought. Thanks to its characteristics, it is configured as an ideal habitat for the breeding of numerous varieties of both red and white berried vines and becomes for us the perfect soil for the cultivation of Syrah and Nero d'Avola, used not only in purity , also in a blend for the Orestiadi Ludovico, a wine dedicated to Ludovico Corrao and the flagship of the cellar.
Bronze medal for the Pacènzia label in the sweet wine category. Vinitaly 2023 competition
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