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19 July 2017

Scirocco Wine Fest in Gibellina


There are those who, in the places of the Scirocco, were born there. As he grows up he learns to recognize it, fear it and love it.
Because the Scirocco leaves from Syria and arrives in France, leaving, in its passage, a breath (it is appropriate to say) of exoticism, which permeates all the cultures that are touched by it.
“It's not a wind, the Scirocco is anger” Erri De Luca wrote.
But it is something different, even more profound: it is a thread that unites the people who live it, it is an engine of change, changing slightly from place to place and at the same time modifying the habits and customs of
who has to deal with this anger on a daily basis.
The Sirocco, with its strength, bursts into common life, almost forcing societies to adapt to it, to plan their agricultural techniques considering its influence, to wear clothes and eat dishes that defend from the Sirocco.
Practices, clothes and foods which then, inevitably, constitute fundamental pieces in the immense mosaic that are popular traditions.
But Nature, through the warm southern wind, is not only the mother and stepmother of Leopardi's memory, it is also a source of inspiration for poets, singers, painters, photographers: the Scirocco represents the Mediterranean and, within the Mediterranean, it is represented .
For this reason it has become the symbol of an initiative whose objective is to bring together the peoples lapped by the mare nostrum, through a product that finds an ideal basin in this area, where a climate and a tradition meet that few can boast: wine.
Scirocco Wine Fest is a project, included in the broader Destinazione Gibellina program, which has the objective of building bridges between these cultures so close to each other, so intimately connected, as one of the figures committed himself to doing for a good part of his life who made the history of Gibellina: Ludovico Corrao.
Starting from wine, therefore, we will touch on the key points of life linked to the Scirocco: Art Forms, Traditions, Eco-sustainability and Agriculture.
An opportunity for discussion, for growth together, starting from the common denominator that characterizes the Mediterranean area, conquering cultures and religions: the Scirocco.

We are waiting for you in Gibellina, from 28th to 30th July!




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24 July 23
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