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21 October 2014

Ludovico's grape harvest


There 2014 harvest in the Belice Valley it was long and slow, starting in early August with the harvesting of the early grapes for the sparkling wine bases and ending in the first ten days of October with the last red grapes.

It was a harvest characterized by rains that lasted until the beginning of summer with temperatures that were on average cooler (in some cases 5 degrees less than the seasonal averages recorded in previous years) which led to more prolonged maturation due to the cooler climate trend compared to 2013.

The amount compared to 2013 they recorded a decrease of approximately 20/25% for white grapes. As far as red grapes are concerned, the decline in production was more evident, with peaks that exceeded the decreasing 30%. However, this fact did not influence the quality of the grapes, on the contrary the ripening was slower, resulting in a delay of about 10 days in the harvesting period. Precisely this slowness will mean that the 2014 harvest can be classified, due to the elegance and structural complexity of the wines, as one of the best years for Sicilian viticulture.

Thanks to the mild temperatures, without peaks of heat and the altitude where the vineyards are located, we managed to harvest the grapes destined for winemaking in mid-September. LUDOVICO 2014, finding them perfectly healthy, balanced in alcohol content and rich in those organoleptic substances that characterize the main native Sicilian variety: Nero d'Avola.

The results in the cellar were truly exceptional. We noticed a first-rate aromatic profile, with an excellent tannic complement capable of making us predict that this vintage will give life to a unique, important wine, with great structure, with a singular intensity of colors and considerable longevity.



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