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16 June 2015

The Sensory Space is inaugurated


In Sicily, in the Belice Valley, a land that in the last hundred years has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures, a privileged and favorite place for meetings, dialogue and comparison between «artists, architects, musicians, poets, farmers, artisans, workers, women and young people", we celebrate the union, apparently atypical, between a winery and one of the most important cultural institutions in the Mediterranean, the Orestiadi Foundation, generating new “Contemporary Ferments”.

Tenute Orestiadi is a project born on the initiative of the Foundation of the same name which is based in Gibellina in the characteristic Baglio di Stefano, also rebuilt after the earthquake, and by Cantine Ermes, one of the most important Sicilian wine producers. The purpose is to promote the Mediterranean artistic and cultural heritage. Tenute Orestiadi moves in this direction by enhancing one of the oldest traditions of Sicily, the winemaking one, considering it as an important and characterizing element of the island's identity.
Today, thanks to the collaboration between the Foundation and Tenute Orestiadi, a "SENSORY SPACE”, which involves taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing, leads the visitor towards a new experience that amplifies their knowledge.
The space was designed as an "everyday" place to host and experiment inside sensory tastings, exhibitions and exhibition events linked to the dynamics that make of Gibellina the most important contemporary art museum En Plein Air.
For the first 3 months the space will host an exhibition curated by the Orestiadi Foundation consisting of works by Palmizi workshops (Oversize) and some forming part of a donation from Italian artists received by the Foundation in 2010 (Bruno Aller, Elisa Montessori, Enrico Sallian, Primarosa Cesarini Sforza, Michele De Luca, Aldo Bertolini, Marisa Facchinetti, Anna Esposito).
The “Sensory Space” is part of a journey undertaken by Tenute Orestiadi about 1 year ago, which had as its first step the presentation of the Barrique Museum in Milan on May 29th, and will see in its second step on June 26th, the opening to the public of the sensorial space.
The two projects will find full realization and fusion on September 6th for the event "Cellars Open during the Harvest”. During the Tenute Orestiadi event, the Orestiadi Foundation and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts will create a new method of using the cellar spaces by inaugurating the "Barrique Museum", the first contemporary art museum in an active barrique cellar in Sicily.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday June 26th at 7.30 pm for the opening of the new Sensory Space. A sensorial aperitif with our wines will follow.



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