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05 June 2020

Il Bianco di Ludovico - the new wine of the Orestiadi estates is coming


The new born of Tenute Orestiadi is arriving: Ludovico's White.

Inserted in the company's Cru line, it is a blend of 90% Catarratto - 10% Chardonnay. The reasoning that moved this decision is the same as that of Orestiadi Ludovico: since it is a wine dedicated to a man, it wants to represent his personality.

The 90% of the most widespread of the native Sicilian varietals symbolizes the strong territorial roots, the 10% of the most famous of the international vines tells of the eye turned to the world, the open mentality, the ability to dialogue to grow.

Thus was born, on black earth at about 600 meters above sea level, a Reserve White.

After cryomaceration at 4 degrees for 4 hours, we proceed with soft pressing followed by fermentation born from spontaneous yeasts, which lasts 20 days at a controlled temperature. Only at this point Catarratto and Chardonnay meet, becoming the blend of Bianco di Ludovico.

This is followed by 6 months of aging on the yeasts with 2 batonnages per week. For the next 6 months, half of the product ages in French oak tonneaux, half in steel. Once the two are reunited, they spend another 6 months in steel sur lies and at least 4 months in the bottle.

The resulting wine is bright yellow with greenish, almost chlorophyll reflections. On the nose the Mediterranean character of this wine meets internationality through white pulp fruit such as plum, apple and pineapple and hints of flint, destined to increase with evolution in the bottle. On the palate, roundness and complexity integrate well with the minerality.



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