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22 January 2024

Sicilian white wine: which one to choose?


Sicily, a jewel in the heart of Mediterranean, a land rich in history, culture and food and wine traditions. Among these, wine stands out for its quality and variety, conquering the palates of connoisseurs all over the world.
With an ideal climate for viticulture, the island produces white wines that are as diverse as they are delicious. But faced with this abundance, how do you choose the ideal Sicilian white wine? This article will guide you through the best ones variety of the island, revealing the secrets of each wine and helping you make the perfect choice.

How to choose Sicilian white wine

Selecting white wine can seem like a task, but a few key factors can guide you in your choice. To choose the most suitable one you must keep three factors in mind: the first is the aromatic profile, Sicilian white wines can be light and floral or have a more full-bodied structure, they can have fruity hints or be dry on the palate. If the preference for an aromatic profile is often a matter of personal taste, instead theoccasion where the wine is served can help you choose more objectively: consider the context: a light lunch, a formal dinner or an aperitif are different occasions that require different types of wines. Finally, it is important to consider thepairing with food: some wines go better with delicate fish dishes, while others enhance spicy or savory dishes.

Remember that on wineshop Tenute Orestiadi, on each page dedicated to our wines, you will find detailed information both on the aromatic profile and on the recommended pairings, to help you make the right choice on every occasion.

What are the main white wines of Sicily

Sicily boasts a rich variety of native grapes that give life to unique white wines. Here is a list of the main Sicilian vines with their characteristics:

  • Grillo: fresh and fragrant, with notes of fruit, citrus and white flowers, with a lively flavor and a pleasant acidity.
  • Catarratto: balanced, with hints of ripe fruit, flowers and a light herbaceous touch. Medium structure with a pleasant freshness.
  • Zibibbo, intense, with aromas of peach, apricot and flowers. Rich and complex on the palate, with good taste-olfactory persistence.
  • Inzolia: notes of apple, almond and a light hint of spices. Moderate dryness and acidity, with a balanced structure.
  • Carricante: aromas of white flowers, aromatic herbs and mineral hints. Fresh, with notable acidity and minerality.
  • Grecanico: aromas of citrus fruits, pear and delicate flowers. Medium body with good acidity and freshness.
  • Etna Bianco: complex aromas of ripe fruit, flowers and mineral notes. Characterized by notable minerality and freshness, with a good structure.

Grillo wine: fresh and fragrant

The Grillo is a native varietal Sicilian who is experiencing a true renaissance. This wine is characterized by its fresh and lively aromatic profile, with notes of tropical fruits, citrus fruits and white flowers. On the palate, Grillo offers a pleasant acidity and a structure that makes it perfect both as an aperitif and in combination with fish dishes or light appetizers. His freshness makes it ideal even for the warmer months, offering a refreshing sip and pleasant. Furthermore, its versatility makes it an excellent wine to explore for those approaching Sicilian wines for the first time.

Catarratto, the king of the Sicilian wine tradition

Catarratto is one of the most cultivated white grape varieties in Sicily and represents a real symbol of viticulture of the island. This wine stands out for its balanced aromatic profile, with hints of ripe fruit, flowers and a light herbaceous touch. In the mouth, the Catarratto offers a structure medium with a pleasant freshness, making it suitable for a variety of dishes, from seafood to more rustic cuisine. It is a wine that tells the story of wine-growing Sicily with its flavors and traditions.

Zibibbo and its rich bouquet

Zibibbo, also known as Moscato d'Alessandria, is a wine that surprises with its intensity bouquet aromatic. Characterized by aromas of peach, apricot, citrus and flowers, this wine is a real sensorial journey. On the palate, Zibibbo is rich and complex, with a sweetness balanced by good acidity. It is perfect in combination with shellfish and fried fish, cheeses and exotic dishes. Its richness and complexity make it a unique wine, capable of giving unforgettable emotions.

The voyage through Sicilian white wines it takes us to a world where tradition blends with innovation, creating experiences of unique and memorable tastings. From the fresh and aromatic Grillo, to the balanced and versatile Catarratto, to the rich and intensely scented Zibibbo, each wine tells a different story, a distinct chapter of Sicilian oenological richness. We at Tenute Orestiadi want to tell the Sicilian terroirs with our wines La Selezione, native monovarietals that represent the nuances of one rich and complex land.
Choosing a Sicilian white wine means immersing yourself in a landscape of flavors and aromas that reflect the diversity and beauty of the island itself. Whether you are looking for a wine for a special dinner, an aperitif with friends, or simply for a moment of pure pleasure, the Sicily offers an option for every occasion. All you have left is to explore these magnificent whites, to let you be surprised by their variety.



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